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Congratulations on getting setup with a Snapdocs account!

Our Customer Success team is here to guide you through the onboarding and account set up process.  If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success representative and/or support@snapdocs.com so our team can help get you set up!

The account set up checklist below includes much of what our team will help you cover.  Feel free to browse these articles to get started setting up your account!


Logging In

Every company on Snapdocs has a unique URL for their login. The URL is set up when your company is onboarded by our Customer Success team. If you're having trouble logging into Snapdocs or accessing certain pages in Snapdocs, please make sure you're logged in through your company's URL.

The URL is typically: https://companyname.snapdocs.com



Q: I'm logged into Snapdocs but the order I'm looking for isn't on the dashboard, what's going on?

A: If you had previously been using Snapdocs as a client of another company or as a notary, you could be logged into another role. Check the URL first, does it match your company's unique URL? If not, that is likely the case - you are logged in as a client, participant or notary. This is easily solved one of two ways. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select "Admin Profile" in the drop down menu. Or simply logout, go to your company URL and login again.

Q: I'm logging in from my company URL but am still getting an error when I try to login, why?

A: When you type the URL into your browser, make sure there is no "www" included. This will result in an error. The correct format for the URL is as follows: https://companyname.snapdocs.com NOT https://www.companyname.snapdocs.com. If this is not the issue, try resetting your password.

If you have any questions about your company's unique URL address, please contact our Support team.

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