Snapdocs Resware Integration: General Information

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What does the Snapdocs Resware integration do?

Resware is a title production software that Snapdocs integrates with to help title companies and signing services manage their closings in a more streamlined fashion. The Snapdocs Resware integration allows companies to directly send orders, signings, documents and notes directly into Snapdocs via XML. By setting up a Resware integration, Resware users can avoid manually reentering orders in Snapdocs and enjoy hassle-free document transfer.

There are three different versions of this integration that we support, depending on a number of different factors.  If you are wondering which option best suits you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


Microsoft Outlook and Resware: If you are using Microsoft Outlook as your email provider, Resware will automatically add a note to the order in Resware if you receive an email containing the file number in the subject line. With Snapdocs, every email you receive about an order contains the file number and therefore all emails from Snapdocs will be added as notes on the file in Resware. As long as you are using Outlook with Resware, there is no setup necessary, it will automatically happen once the integration is completed. 



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