Snapdocs for Client Users - Detailed Guide

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Log in

You'll receive a login email that looks like the below image.  Click "Activate Your Account."


If this is your first time working on Snapdocs, you'll be prompted to create a password.


Scan your dashboard

If there are no orders yet, it'll look like this:

If there are orders, you'll see them listed by urgency and status.


Add an order

To add an order, click the blue "+Add Order" button:

A blank order form will pop up:

If there is someone you want looped in on the process, enter their email address into the "Add Participants" section.

They'll be kept up to date with basic order info (explained more below). Once you have all the necessary information completed, hit the green "Create Order" button.


You'll now see an order page. In the comments section, you'll be able to see who created this order.


View & Manage Orders

Once you click into an order (simply click into the row of the order you desire to view) you'll be able to follow along with order progress.


Signing Requested:

This simply means the order has been created.

Notary Assigned:

Finding & assigning a notary will come next.

Appointment Confirmed:

We'll also let you know once an appointment has been confirmed.

In the comment section, you'll be able to see who did the confirming.

In the above example, the notary confirmed the appointment with the signer. In some cases, the signer may confirm the appointment themselves. It is also an option for the company you are working with to confirm the appointment with the signer.


Signing Complete:

If a signing is successfully completed, you'll see the progress bar as all green. "Signing Complete" in green text will display in the righthand corner.


Did not sign:

If a signing was unsuccessful, the progress bar will be stopped 3/4 of the way. In orange text "Did not sign" will read in the righthand corner.


Order on hold:

There are various reasons why an order may need to go on hold. For instance, the signer needs to reschedule the appointment but has not given a new date/time yet. The order will be put on hold in the meantime. Whatever the reason may be, you'll be able to see this status in orange text in the top righthand corner of the page, reading "Order on hold."


Order canceled:

If the order is canceled, you'll be able to see in orange text in the top righthand corner of the page "Order canceled.


Uploading Docs

If you need to upload docs, either drag n' drop docs into the "Documents" section or click the blue "or choose a file" button to upload documents manually.


Once a document is uploaded, you can continue uploading necessary documents by clicking the blue "Add a Document" button. If you need to rename a document, click the little pencil icon (highlighted below):

Now you'll be able to change the name of the document and "Save":

 Once you have uploaded your necessary document(s), hit the green "Finished Adding Docs" button:

*Note - Clicking "Finished Adding Docs" is imperative! Please make sure to complete this step.*


Leaving Comments on an Order

To leave a comment on the order for the company you're working with, simply type a message into the comments box. 

As you can see, you can opt in or out of sending this comment to the Consumer as well.

Once you click "Send Message," you'll see your comment listed in the comment section.

If you included the consumer, you'll see that stamped on the top righthand corner of your comment.


As the company responds, you'll be able to keep track of all comments in the section.


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