Snapdocs for Client Users

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Log in

You'll receive a login email that will invite you to Activate your Account: 


If this is your first time working on Snapdocs, you'll be prompted to create a password.


Your dashboard


Once you set a password and log in, you'll be taken to your dashboard:



Add an order

When you're ready to add an order, click the blue "+Add Order" button and you'll be taken to the Order Create page.  Here, you can add all the order details, choose which client company this order is for (if you work with multiple), choose to give the consumer access or not, and add participants.


The order page

Once you have created an order, you'll be taken to the order page.   From the order page, you can stay up to date with your signing and take action on it when necessary (uploading docs, adding additional participants, sending messages to other users, etc.):



Order progress:

Once a notary has been assigned by your company, you will see that on your order page: Screen_Shot_2018-03-21_at_10.34.41_PM.png


And you will receive an email alerting you to that as well:


When they're ready, you can upload docs and send them to the notary:




*Please note: If the notary has not been assigned yet when you select "Finished Adding Docs" you will see the following message:



You can see when the notary has confirmed the appointment with the signer and docs have been sent to the notary:



And you will know when the signing has been completed:



If a signing was unsuccessful, canceled or put on hold, you will be alerted to that as well by a status in the upper right corner and a comment:



Comments on an Order

To send messages to other parties on the signing, type a message into the comments box, and choose who to include on the signing:


All messages on the order, those to and from you, will be in the comment section:



Email notifications

You will receive periodic updates throughout the singing process over email, depending on the settings that the company you're working with has configured. 


Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns to!



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