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There are a few general settings that can be adjusted to optimize the way Snapdocs performs for you. To navigate to your General Company Settings, click on "Admin" in the upper right corner, then on "Company Settings" in the drop down menu. You will be taken to your Company Info page where there is also a navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Click on "Settings" in the "General" section. 

Note: you must have Admin role permissions to access the Company Settings.

This is where you can adjust your company settings. Here is what each setting means:




Set the scheduler who created the order (if any) as the order owner: 

If this box is checked, Snapdocs will automatically assign the Admin or Scheduler who created the order as the Owner. If the box is unchecked, there will be no owner assigned to an order unless it is manually done. Assigning an order owner can be helpful if that person needs to be in the loop on email communication.

Client view:
Attempt to confirm the appointment with the signer: 
If this box is checked, Snapdocs will ask the notary to call the borrower and confirm the appointment. If this setting is turned on, it will only prompt the notary to confirm if there is a phone number listed for the borrower on the order. 
The notary will see this when they look at the order in Snapdocs:
When they click the orange "Confirm" button, this window will open:
The notary has the ability to either confirm that the time and date work for the borrower, or select that the signer (borrower) is not available. If the borrower is not available, the notary is able to suggest a different time:
You can adjust your email settings to be notified when the appointment is either confirmed or a change is requested. The notary is not able to change the time of the appointment, they can only suggest a new time. 
If this setting is turned off, the notary will not be asked to confirm the appointment and will not see any of the above actions.
Require consumers to authenticate before accessing closing docs (if consumer previews are enabled):
This setting makes it so that consumers have to go through a two-factor identification process before they can access docs on their order.  If this setting is enabled, a phone number must be added for all consumer(s) on the order so that there is a number for Snapdocs to send a verification code to.    This setting is only applicable if consumer previews are enabled and can be used as an extra layer of security on your orders.  
If this box is checked, Snapdocs will wait for a longer period of time after contacting a Favorite Notary through the automator. (If a favorite declines the offer, the automator will immediately move on to the next notary.)
Suggest actions on the dashboard: 
If this box is checked, Snapdocs will show you helpful tips and actions in the upper right corner of the dashboard. 
Messages will appear in the following circumstances:
  • The Automator has stopped on an order.
  • A signing status has not be reported on an order.
  • There is an order without docs uploaded and the signing is getting close.
  • The docs have not been sent to the notary and the signing is getting close.
  • The docs have not been downloaded by the notary and the signing is getting close.
Resware: convert special instructions emails to participants:
When emails are added in the special instructions to an order in Resware, they will be converted to participants on the order in Snapdocs.
Add emails to the special instructionshere in Resware:
So that they are converted to Participants in Snapdocs:
Autoclose completed orders: 
To keep your dashboard as organized as possible, we autoclose orders after they have been completed. In your company settings, you have the ability to select how much time should pass before closing the order. The options are 15 minutes, 24 hours, 1 week or 30 days. 
*Remember to click "Save" at the bottom to keep all the changes you make!*
Also included on the General Company Settings page are Notary Search Preferences.
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