Post-Closing Tools on Snapdocs

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Post-closing status reporting and tracking brings even more visibility to your orders on Snapdocs. After a signing, schedulers and post-closers can approve, report errors, and notify notaries of necessary corrections. Once a signing status has been added to an order, schedulers and post-closers can conduct a review and report the post-closing status from the dashboard or the order detail page. 

With Snapdocs Post-Closing Tools, your team can find and fix errors faster than ever - meaning, less work and more closings!

Report post-closing status from the dashboard

On the dashboard, you can click the Post-closing tab on the dashboard to view a list of all orders with a signing status that have not yet been reviewed.



When scanbacks are available, you’ll see a link to review documents on the order in the Post-closing tab on the dashboard.


 You can approve or report errors on the docs straight from the dashboard, as appropriate!


When viewing scanbacks in Snapdocs, you can see each file that has been uploaded by the notary. When you’re ready to report on the docs, click “Looks great!” or “No, I've found an error”.Screen_Shot_2017-12-12_at_3.06.29_PM.png


If you report an error, select the reasons why the documents are being rejected and write in additional details as necessary. Snapdocs will automatically notify the notary about the errors unless you uncheck the box before saving the post-closing status.



You can also report a post-closing status from the order detail page.



Then, just like from the dashboard, you can approve the order, report errors, and/or choose to alert the notary of any errors.



After you review an order, you'll be able to see its post-closing status on the dashboard.  Orders that have a post-closing review will be marked as either “Post-closing: approved” or “Post-closing: rejected".



Have a question about post-closing tools or want to enable post-closing tools for your company? Email for further assistance!

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