Client User Login Options

Natalie Wallace -

Client users have two ways to log into Snapdocs, as follows:

1. General Login: This login makes it so a client user can log in and view all orders with all  companies they are working with on Snapdocs. The link is


2. Company-specific Login: This is a login to view a particular company's orders. This link is unique to the company. Yours might be something like:

*Note: The login credentials (username and password) are the same for both links.



Q: A client user is saying he/she is seeing orders for another company. Why?

A: If the client user has been added to a client user list by another company, they'll see orders from every company when logged in at the General Login link. 


Q: A client user only wants to see orders for my company. How can they do this?

A: Have the client user log into your Company-specific Login link. 


Q: What is my Company-specific Login link?

A: A good way to find this is by logging into Snapdocs yourself. Look at your link and delete anything after the ".com"  

In this instance, I'd delete off the "/orders." (Also, the "https://" isn't necessary to include.) My company-specific link is


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