Don't forget to send confirmations!

Erin Pierce -

Once you have assigned a notary to an order, don't forget to send your confirmation emails. The confirmation notifies the notary that they have been assigned to the order as well as details about the signing. If you have a client user attached to the order, there will also be the option to send them a confirmation. Be sure to always send the notary confirmation. 

Here is what the notary confirmation looks like:

Also included in this email will be special instructions for the notary.

The client confirmation is totally up to the way you and your clients like to conduct business. The client confirmation email is available if your client would like to be looped in, but doesn't have to be sent if that's what you decide. Here is what the client confirmation looks like:

You can choose to share the notary's contact information or not. This is adjusted at the signing product level.


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