Switching between roles: Admin, Signing Agent, Client and Participant

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Are you wondering why there are orders missing from your dashboard? Or does your dashboard just not look right? Are you unable to upload docs when normally you can?

You are likely logged in as a different user role. As you likely already know, Snapdocs is a centralized location for many people involved in the loan closing process. Each role has its own set of permissions. 

  • The Admin or Scheduler can communicate with anyone on the order, upload docs, download docs, edit the order, use the automator to search for notaries and much more. These roles are the focal point of the order.
  • The notary can communicate with the Admin company but cannot communicate with anyone else through the order in Snapdocs. They can upload docs, download docs, confirm the appointment with the borrower (in some cases see more about this setting) and add a completion status. 
  • The client user can communicate with the admin company, participants and the borrower. They cannot communicate directly with the notary. Client users can create orders, upload documents, add participants and comment on the order.
  • The participants can access basic details on an order and communicate with the client user, admin company and borrower. The participant can only communicate and add other participants. 
  • The consumer can have different levels of access, depending on what the Admin determines.The admin can decide whether to include the consumer on a per order basis or at a client level. If the consumer has access to the order they can see basic order information and communicate with the Admin company. Learn more about consumer access here.

If you have been set up with multiple roles (i.e. as a client user and a company admin), you will have multiple dashboards. The dashboards will look different and contain different orders, which can sometimes be confusing, however navigating between your multiple roles and dashboards is very easy.

Just click on your name in the upper right corner and you should what role you are currently logged in as and all of your other user roles in the drop down menu.



Click on the role you'd like to be logged in as and it will take you to your other dashboard. 

*Note* your roles and dashboards will only be connected if they are set up with the same email address.

*Note* The Snapdocs platform does not allow the consumer to be added as both a consumer and a participant on any given order.  When the same contact information is provided for the consumer (signer) and the participant, an error message comes up.


Adjusting the contact information for one or the other should resolve the issue!

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