Lender mapping Resware integration for title companies

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For Enterprise clients who are using Resware in house and have a staff dedicated to Resware, we have the ability to map orders to your clients in Snapdocs by using the Lender field in Resware. We call this process Lender Mapping.

How is Lender Mapping different?

Our integration typically maps from Resware to one client in Snapdocs. As a title company using Resware, sending orders to one client in Snapdocs is not very helpful. With lender mapping, you will still set up one partner-partner mapping in Resware, however, we will pull the name of the Lender in Resware and match the order to the corresponding client in Snapdocs.

How do you set it up?

**First and foremost, you will have to be on generic signing products in order to use the Lender Mapping Resware feature. If you have signing products that are specific to each client in Snapdocs, we cannot set up Lender mapping. 

Step 1: Make sure your company has generic signing products and that all of your signing products have been added. This is a feature that has to be adjusted by someone at Snapdocs.

You can check this by clicking on "Admin" in the upper right corner. Do you see "Products" as an option in the drop down menu? If YES, then your account is set up to have generic products. If NO, then you will need to reach out to Snapdocs at support@snapdocs.com. 

Step 2: Set up your clients. You will need to add client companies for all of your Clients + 1 additional client for your Resware account. Make sure the client names in Snapdocs match the corresponding lender names in Resware. The names must match exactly for the order to successfully map to the correct client. 

For example if the lender name in Resware is Example Company, LLC but in Snapdocs the client's name is Example Company, the mapping will not work. It must be an exact match. 

Step 3: Make sure all your users have been added to Snapdocs. With the lender mapping version of the Resware integraton all of your Admins and Schedulers are mapped in Resware. Once the integration is complete the user that sends the order from Resware will get added to the order in Snapdocs as the Order Owner.

Step 4: Reach out to Snapdocs at support@snapdocs.com so that we can turn this feature on for you!

Step 5: Once Snapdocs confirms that the feature is on, navigate to your Resware client (Admin --> Clients --> Resware client) and click "Get Setup Instructions."



Step 6: A PDF should download with unique instruction for configuring the partner-partner mapping in Resware. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you contact Resware support (support@adeptivesw.com) where instructed. There are actions that must happen on Resware's side for the integration to work.

Step 7: Once the integration has been completed, send over a test order or two to make sure it's working! Just remember to cancel the orders in Snapdocs so you are not billed for them. 


If the lender name on the order in Resware does not exactly match the name of the client in Snapdocs, our system will not send the order to the correct client. Snapdocs will send any unmatchable orders to the default client, which is your Resware client. This can be easily changed in Snapdocs after the order is sent by editing the order.

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