Client Specific Signing Products vs. Generic Signing Products

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There are two options for configuring your signing products on Snapdocs. The option you choose has to be adjusted by someone at Snapdocs, so if a change is necessary please reach out to us at


Client Specific Signing Products:

If you choose this option, you are able to add specific signing products on a per client basis. This means that for every client, you have to add all of their signing products to the client profile. Start by clicking Admin in the upper right corner and on Clients in the drop down menu:

Click into a client profile and notice that there is a section in the upper right corner specifically for Signing Products:


Click on Add Product and a window will open where you can add the details of the new signing product:


Everything that you add to this signing product will be specific to not only the client, but the product as well. This option is great if you have clients with very specific instructions both for their company and for each product. 

Once you have added signing products to all of your clients you will see this information on the order create page, as will your client.


The options for signing product will be specific to the client on the order create page. 


Generic Signing Products:

If you choose to take the generic signing products route, all of your signing products will be available for all of your clients. Remember, this setting has to be adjusted by someone at Snapdocs, so if you require a change, reach out to us at

Important note about Resware: For Enterprise clients looking to set up Lender Mapping for the Resware integration, you have to have generic signing products set up. Client specific products are not available for Lender Mapping. 

If you have generic signing products, you will have a separate products section in the Admin drop down menu:


On the Products page, click on Add a Product:


On the window that opens add all the signing product information. Remember that these will be visible for all clients.


When you go to create an order, all of the products will be available to select from across all of your clients.

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