Why can't I remove a notary on a VendorPay order?

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For VendorPay orders, notaries can no longer be removed once they have downloaded docs on an order.  Typically if a notary needs to be removed after documents have been sent, it is because the order did not sign and the notary may be owed a fee. For VendorPay orders, we are only capable of sending out a payment to one notary per order, and so we do not allow a notary to be removed after a documents have been downloaded.


Here is what you should do if you need to assign a new notary but cannot remove the currently assigned one:

Step 1: Scroll down and look to the lower left side of the order for "Duplicate."


Step 2: The page that opens will look like the order create page with all of the signing information already added. There are three check boxes at the top that you can use to choose whether you'd like to include the same documents, assign the same notary and/or notify the client of the duplicated order. Select a new date and time for the order and then save.



Step 3: The new duplicated order will open and you should see details from the previous order in the Activity Feed:



You can now use this new order to search for a notary. 

For the original order there are a few options:

1) If you need to pay the notary a print/travel fee, adjust the notary fees to reflect what the notary is owed and then close the order. Snapdocs does not charge for VendoryPay orders that didn't sign (meaning the signing status is marked as "did not sign").

2) If the notary is not due payment, simply cancel the order. Snapdocs does not charge the notary fee or a Snapdocs fee for canceled orders.

3) If you are still figuring out whether the notary is due payment, put the order on hold so that it does not get billed. The order will not be billed until it has a signing status added and the order is closed. 


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