How to note on an order that scanbacks are required

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If you have a signing product that requires scanbacks (faxbacks), Snapdocs gives you the ability to mark this on the signing product and/or the order create page. The following article will show you how this function works.

Scanbacks required by signing product:

If you have a signing product where scanbacks are always required, you can note this on the signing product so that every time you create an order using that product the notary will see that scanbacks are required. To use this feature, click into the signing product that requires scanbacks:


*Note* navigating to your signing products differs depending on whether you have client specific products enabled or generic products.

On the edit product window that opens, you should see a check box that says "Any scanbacks required?" If this box is checked, the notary will see that scanbacks are required as well as any specific instructions for those scanbacks.


Every time you select this signing product for an order, the scanbacks required check box on the order create page will be automatically checked and the special instructions will auto-populate. You can always uncheck this box on the order create page if there is a specific order where scanbacks are not required:



Scanbacks required on a per order basis:

You are also able to note that scanbacks are required on a per order basis. When you create an order there should always be a box to note whether scanbacks are required:


Just check the box and a text box will appear for scanback specific special instructions:



What does the notary see on their end?

When the notary receives a signing notification, scanbacks required will be visible on the signing notification:



You can also choose to have the then separately acknowledge that scanbacks are required for the signing.  If that is something you are interested in, please reach out to so that we can turn that on for you!



For all companies, the notary will also be able to see all scanback information, including the special instructions for the scanbacks, in the notary confirmation email:


Lastly, when documents are uploaded and sent to the notary, they will see that scanbacks are required and the instructions in the documents section of their order view:


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