How to use Snapdocs' Help Center

Sonia Marton -

Hello!  Welcome to the Snapdocs Help Center.  This is a resource created with you in mind, and we want to help you use it to its fullest extent!


You can always access the Help Center at, and email us at  Our Support line is open from 8 AM PST- 5 PM PST.


Once you get to the Help Center, you are greeted with 3 options:


1) You can Search

  • We recommend searching by keyword, as opposed to typing in a full sentence or phrase
  • All the articles that include that word will come up
  • For example, a search of "email", will lead to:Screen_Shot_2017-04-10_at_5.07.22_PM.png

2) You can click on For Companies

  • The For Companies category is divided into many different sections, by theme, such as "Getting Started", and "Company Settings".Screen_Shot_2017-04-11_at_3.36.26_PM.png
  • Each article is housed within the most relevant section.  While a few articles are visible on the For Companies home page, you can click into the section to see all the articles in the section, either by clicking "See all x articles" or clicking on the title of the sectionScreen_Shot_2017-04-11_at_3.46.40_PM.png
  • Once you're in the section, you can choose to "Follow" this section to get alerts when new articles and/or comments are posted!


3) You can click on For Notary Signing Agents

  • This page functions just like the For Companies page, so see above for how best to use it!
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