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Notaries and Client users cannot communicate directly within Snapdocs mainly because we want you, the admin, to have control over what is shared back and forth. We have, however, noticed that many comments from notaries get copied and pasted and shared with the client and vice versa. As a result you can now forward comments from the notary and/or client making communication even easier. Here's how it works:

When you receive a comment from the notary and/or client, you should now see a button in the upper right corner of the comment with an arrow icon. For this example we have used a comment made by a Notary. 



To forward the comment to the client, click on the forward icon. A window will open showing you what the client will see and will ask you to confirm:


Once you confirm, the comment will appear like this on your order view:


The client will receive an email notification about the new forwarded comment and the comment will appear like this on their order page:


Lastly, the notary will see on their end that the comment was forwarded to the client:



This looks the same the other way around when a client comment is shared with the notary. 

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