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If you have certain signings that you do not upload documents for, you can note this at a signing product level. When you conduct a signing using a signing product with External Docs enabled, our system will automatically mark the documents as sent the way you selected (i.e. docs overnighted, docs at closing etc.). This way you do not have to manually mark that docs have been sent within the order. 

Why does this help you? If the docs have not been sent on an order, the notary is unable to add a signing status causing confusion and questions. If there are certain signing products that you do not upload docs for, this feature will save you a lot of time!

How do I enable this feature? 

On the signing product create/edit page, click Show Advanced Settings:


The window should expand to show more options. Select Yes for External Documents and a dropdown menu will appear. Select which option you would like this product to default to and then click Create Product. *Note* If you do not select an option in the drop down menu, the setting will not be turned on.


When you look at your product list, you will see an icon notifying you that the External Documents feature is turned on for that product.



Next time you use this signing product, the document button should be marked as soon as a notary is assigned:



You are still able to upload docs to an order with this feature enabled. Just upload them as you would normally and click the documents button in the upper left corner. A preview of the email will open, just click send. The notary will be notified that there are documents to download. 


*Note* IF YOU ARE USING INTERNET EXPLORER: Sending uploaded docs will not work normally when this feature is enabled for a signing product. If you need to upload and send docs, please either use Chrome or as a work around, click on the downward facing arrow and select "Email Direct Links to Notary." 


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