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If you choose to include the consumer on the order, you also have the option to let them review the loan documents before the signing appointment. 

To use this feature, you will have to first turn on the setting at a client level. Within each client, select "On" for "Allow consumers to preview documents".   This enables the feature for orders that are completed with that client.

*Please note: The consumer will not be able to preview their documents unless they are included on the order so be sure to give them access




Now that this setting has been turned on for the client, create an order and make sure you leave the box checked to give the consumer access to the order. And, make sure there is an email address for the consumer, as access cannot be granted without it:


The consumer will receive an email with basic access to the order. Learn more about the consumer experience on Snapdocs here. When they login to access their account, they will see a prompt to preview their loan documents (as long as documents have been uploaded). 



When the consumer clicks "Preview my docs" they will be taken to an interface where they can view each page of the document, ask questions and note when they have finished reviewing them:



When the consumer clicks "Question" a bar will expand where they can type out a question that will get added as a comment to the order. You will be notified of the question on your end and can respond within Snapdocs. The consumer will receive your response in an email as well as see it within their order view:



Once the consumer gets to the last page of the loan document, they will be prompted to click a green "Finished" button: 



The consumer will still have access to the documents within their Snapdocs account and can view them at anytime: 



On your end, you will see the consumer's actions in your activity section of the order. Their actions will appear on your end like this:



*Please note: If you have two-factor authentication enabled for consumers, (the "Require consumers to authenticate before accessing closing docs" setting in your order settings), consumers will have to type in a code they receive in a text message to confirm their identity before they can access docs on their order.  If this setting is enabled, a phone number must be added for all consumer(s) on the order before they can access their docs as well.    

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