How to configure sending signing status from Snapdocs to Resware

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Snapdocs offers some add-ons to your Resware integration.  Specifically, you can configure your settings so that Snapdocs will send signing statuses back to Resware.

With this feature enabled, Snapdocs automatically pushes the completion status on an order back into Resware as an action, not just a note, as soon as it has been assigned. Here’s what needs to be done to make sure this happens:

Step 1: First off and most importantly, your ResWare version needs to be 8.15.29 or higher. Otherwise this feature will not work.

Step 2: We are not using a native Microsoft WCF implementation of the SOAP services, so we need to use the ReceiveSigningCompleteServiceBasic endpoint. You may need to have your Resware admin add a basicHttpBinding for the ReceiveSingingCompleteServiceBasic web service endpoint, but it is usually already present. In order to do this, reach out to Resware Support (

Step 3: If you have not already done this during the initial integration, the Snapdocs partner(s) should have a primary employee that is web enabled. This employee’s username and password needs to be made available to Snapdocs, as well as the ResWare URI of your server. You can email these credentials to us.

Step 4: The primary employee needs to have the correct permissions, specifically the ones for Signings (Add/Edit/Cancel).

Step 5: Email Snapdocs ( the username and password for the web enabled primary contact and your Resware server's URL.

If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to to get started!

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