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In order to help you organize the different lines of business you may be maintaining at your company, we offer a complimentary Teams feature that allows you to organize your workflow more clearly! This feature lets you separate your different lines of business, all within the same account.   The different teams can have different dashboards, admins and schedulers. 
You can add new teams in your Company Settings (Admin>Company Settings>Teams), by clicking "add team":
Then, input the details for your new team, including its title, clients, and contact information (which can be the same or different from your general account):
Once you have created the team, go ahead and add team members!  Team members can be on one or more teams within the main account.
Team members can be Schedulers, Managers, or Admins:Screen_Shot_2018-03-22_at_2.10.48_PM.png
Then, each team member will be able to access all orders associated with the clients for their team on their dashboard: 
If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to 
Please note: teams must funded by the same method.
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