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Notary scores fall between 1-5 and are determined based on a number of factors to offer a rated overview of all of a notary's interactions on the platform after they have been assigned to an order.  These factors have been carefully selected and weighted to give you the best overall indication of a notary's "quality", or the expected quality of their performance on a signing.  These factors are:

  • Order-related company feedback (feedback regarding an order the notary has done with your company)
  • Order-related consumer feedback (feedback a consumer has provided based on their experience with the notary)
  • Other feedback (notes on the notary's profile that are not particular to a specific order)
  • Deactivation rate (frequency with which the notary has been deactivated)
  • Removal rate (frequency with which the notary has been removed from an order)
  • Favorited rate (frequency with which the notary has been Favorited)

*Please note: even though removals are factored into these new notary scores, that is only the case when a notary has been removed an unusual amount.  As such, if a notary is removed as part of regular business happenings (because of a change in the order and through no fault of theirs, for example), their score won't be effected. 

These multiple components of the 1-5 score allow the ranking to offer a depiction of a notary's entire experience on Snapdocs and thereby provide an indication of what you can expect your experience to be like with that notary.

Notaries must have been assigned to at least 25 orders to have a score between 1-5.  In the case of a notary who has not done 25 orders yet, there will be "N/A" in place of a number between 1-5 on their profile.

Notaries with a 4.5 or above have been consistently ranked very well on Snapdocs.  Any notary with a ranking of 4.5 or above has had excellent experiences on Snapdocs and is considered to be a "high quality notary".


You can see a notary's ranking in the Automator and in the notary's profile, both on the order page and on their account page:


A notary's percentile ranking is always available to you as well.  You can access it by hovering over the numerical score. (You can hover over the N/A that is in the score's place to see the percentile score as well.)



Your Auto-Assign criteria use this score as well!  Choose a number here that reflects the ranking that you want all of your automatically assigned notaries to have:Screen_Shot_2017-12-15_at_12.50.25_PM.png


If you have any questions about the way this scoring system is calculated, please reach out to!

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