Consumer Scheduling

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With Consumer Scheduling, you can choose to include the Consumer in the scheduling process! Continue reading to learn how to take advantage of this feature.

To use this feature you must:

1) Create an order with a date and signer email, but without a time for the signing (though you can select a range of time, such as "Morning"):



2) Create the order, but don't start the Automator (without a signing time, notaries won't be able to respond accurately as available or not):



3) On the order page, where it usually says whether the appointment is unconfirmed or confirmed, it says "Missing Time" instead.  In the dropdown menu there, click "Contact Consumer":


*Please note: You can only choose to contact the consumer here when the automator is not running and a notary has not yet been assigned.


4) Send the email that to the Consumer to prompt them to choose a time for the signing.Screen_Shot_2017-10-03_at_3.35.07_PM.png


5) After the Consumer clicks to pick an appointment time, they will be offered a range of times for the date of the signing.  If you have limited the time of the singing to a particular time of day (to Morning, Afternoon, or Evening), the Consumer's range of time choices will be limited accordingly: 



6) As soon as the Consumer chooses a time, you will be notified via email and can start the Automator to look for a notary!  You can also always adjust the time of an order, if need be, by editing the order.


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