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When you use Snapdocs Quality Control to streamline your workflow and bring more transparency to your signing process, Snapdocs reviews scanbacks for you.  Through a combination of advanced software and dedicated personnel review, this feature allows Snapdocs to detect errors in scanbacks for you. 

When scanback reviews have been completed, you will get an email from to your company's QC email (reach out to if you're not sure what that is!).  This email will detail any errors that have been found: it will either report that no errors were found, or, a list of whatever errors were surfaced:

Example of email:

Screen_Shot_2017-10-10_at_11.14.11_AM__1_.pngAny errors will also be reported on the order pagein a banner at the top of the order view page as well as beneath the uploaded documents.

Example of banner on order page:



Example of errors next to uploaded docs:



Companies with our Teams Feature enabled can have QC email notifications sent to your team specific General Email addresses instead of one centralized email address.  (To see what the General Email address is listed for your company or team, please see your Email Settings.) 


Docs reviewed by Snapdocs Quality Control:

Snapdocs will automatically review PDF files that have been:

  1. Uploaded to a Snapdocs order by a notary
  2. Uploaded to a Snapdocs order by a scheduler after the scheduled signing appointment time.

Please note: Snapdocs will NOT review documents that are:

  • Not uploaded to an order on Snapdocs
  • File types other than PDF (.pdf) files
  • Fewer than 3 pages
  • Uploaded by clients
  • Uploaded by schedulers before the scheduled appointment time has lapsed


Use Snapdocs Quality Control in conjunction with our Post Closing Tools, to make sure that no errors go unnoticed!

If you are interested in learning more about QC, please email us at

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