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Sonia Marton -

When you Automate signing requests to notaries, they get a message that looks like this: 


It includes​:
1) The city, state and zip of the signing
2) The time and date of the signing
3) The fee they would be paid for the signing
4) The product to be signed at the appointment
5) Whether scanbacks are required
6) Information about VendorPay (specifically, a clarification that if they accept the signing, they will receive payment for it via direct deposit, if VendorPay is enabled for your company)

All the notary has to do to accept the appointment is to click "Yes, I am available" on this message!

This message can be adjusted in two different ways:
1) Adding a custom message (this option is available when you start the Automator, and has to be done manually on each order)

2) Editing your company information in your company settings​
Company bio (Admin>Company Settings>General>Branding>Company Bio):​


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