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Instead of having to remember to release uploaded documents before the signing and responding to questions from notaries about when you will send docs over, you can schedule the release of docs on an order! Use this tool to reduce confusion and back and forth with the notary about docs on your orders.  


In your Company Settings (Admin>Company Settings>General>Settings) there is a section called Document Settings where you can determine when uploaded documents will be released to notaries on all your orders so that you don't need to remember to release them the day of every time.


In those Document Settings, you can choose a default amount of time before a signing when uploaded docs on orders will be released to the notary.  Instead of just the option to have docs automatically sent to the notary when the client has indicated they're finished uploading them, you can instead choose to send docs over 2, 4, 8, 12, or 24 hours before the signing regardless of who uploads the docs.  And, don't worry! If docs are uploaded after the scheduled release time, they will be sent out automatically when they become available. 

*Please note: If you do not choose an amount of time for when docs are to be sent, docs will not be sent out automatically.



If you have selected a time for scheduled doc release, there will be an comment added to the order after docs have been added that highlights for other schedulers at your company when the docs will be released :



After docs have been uploaded, you can also see when they are scheduled to be released on the order page in the Docs box:


Notaries can see on their dashboard when docs are expected to be released as well.  This helps notaries plan their schedule accordingly.  And, just like you can still manually send docs to notaries, notaries will still get an email when docs are sent so are sure to stay up to date!  



Then, when docs are released as scheduled, there will be a comment added to the order for your team to see:



If you are using Resware to push orders and documents to Snapdocs, this feature will function just the same!  Regardless of when you push the docs over, they will be released the selected amount of time before the signing (unless they are released after that time has passed, in which case they will be released immediately).

If you have any questions about this feature, please reach out to!

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