Navigating the Dashboard

Erin Pierce -

Product Column on Your Dashboard:

There is a Product column on your dashboard so that you can quickly see what type of signing each order is. This column can also be sorted alphabetically by clicking on "Product."


Additional Dashboard Search Criteria:

You also have the ability to search for orders by more criteria. Specifically, you have two options in the search drop down menu: client contact last name and product. 



Recent Activity Updates:

1) Actions in the recent activity column are specific to the dashboard filter tab you are viewing.



2) The recent activity column in the Mine tab will show new actions as "unread" indicating that you have not yet seen them. 



Requires Documents Notification:

Lastly, we also notify you on the dashboard now if an order requires documents. 


This will appear on the dashboard for orders that meet the following criteria:

  • A notary has been assigned
  • The doc status has not been set
  • The signing appointment is within 4 business hours from now
By default, these orders will be sorted right below orders with no assigned notary.


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