How to Deactivate a Notary

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We give you a lot of tools to manage your notaries. Sometimes, a notary just doesn't work out, so we allow you to easily deactivate a notary from your Snapdocs account. When you deactivate a notary, they will no longer appear in automated searches and as a result will not be assigned to orders. You can choose to deactivate a notary for all clients or select a client to block the notary from.

 To do so, first, navigate to a notary's profile. (Click into "Admin" --> "Notaries"  --> select desired notary.)


Click into the notary's profile and scroll to the bottom. You should see a status section where you can click "Deactivate" the notary.


You will be able to configure how the notary is deactivated. You can deactivate them from all clients or on a client-by-client basis.


First, you’ll be prompted to indicate a reason for the deactivation:

The first four reasons are generic and will not prompt you for a comment or give you the ability to select a client. These reasons are objective and require no further information. The last option "I don't want to work with this notary" will give you the ability to select a client and add a comment. If you have specific details as to why you are deactivating the notary, you can use the comment section for those and to have reference as to why a notary was deactivated:

If you want to deactivate the notary for a specific client, click into the dropdown where it says "All Clients." Now a dropdown menu of all of your clients will appear, make your selection:


If you want to deactivate a notary from multiple (but not all) clients, make your first selection and hit "Continue".


Now, click on the "Deactivate" button again:

And choose the next client:


Refresh your page:


Now you will see "Client Deactivations" listed as "2." Click the "view" button to see who the clients are. You can also "Activate" a notary for a client retroactively.


You will also be able to see all notaries deactivated for a client on a client's page.


Here, you also can "Activate" a notary again, if needed.


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