Why should I receive text notifications of available signings?

Tristin Himes -

New notary accounts default to receive all signing notifications via email. When you walk through the sign up wizard to set up your account, you have the option to either receive the signing notifications via email or text message, but not both.

There are advantages to enabling signing services and title companies to contact you via text notifications to alert you of signings. When you enable the text option in your account, you will be notified immediately of potential signings. This real-time notification enables you to respond immediately to signing requests and increases your likelihood of being assigned to more signings. It also prevents you from missing signing opportunities that you may not hear about until after they've already been assigned to another notary. 

The signing notification text system saves signing services hours of time spent on the phone, which allows them to focus on initiatives that drive growth. The more signing services can focus on growth, the more signings they will be able to pass along to their notary network. 

Once a signing service assigns a notary to an order, all communications switch over to email. The initial notification texts are a great way to save time for everyone on the front end of the signing, before transitioning all communications to email for the duration of the signing.

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