How to Cancel (or Delete) an Order

Tristin Himes -

Orders touch a number of people, including notaries and clients. To maintain the integrity and security of our system, orders cannot be completely deleted. However, orders can be canceled or reused.

Canceling an order 
This is done on the order detail page. Click the down arrow beside "complete order" and choose "Order canceled."  We do not charge for canceled orders.


If there is a signing status on the order, you will not be able to cancel it unless the status is removed. This can be easily done by clicking on the signing status:



On the window that opens click "Remove Signing Status."


You can then Cancel the order. 

Re-activating an Order
To re-activate an order, simply select "Reactivate under" under where you canceled it:



As soon as you do that, it will return to wherever it was in the order flow before you canceled it!

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