I already use another system for managing my closings, why should I use Snapdocs?

Tristin Himes -

Snapdocs is the Best Value Loan Closing Software on the Market. We take a modern approach to creating software for title, signing services and notaries. Our cloud-based pay-as-you go software has been designed with your needs in mind – to help you deliver the best signing experience possible to your client, to keep you CFPB compliant and to save you time and money through workflow automation.

Protect Your Clients’ Sensitive Information

Transfer sensitive documents securely and have access to a log of all interactions with an order to reduce your risk in the case of an audit.

Find the Best Notaries using our Notary Recommendation Tool

Search our database of over 60,000 notaries and get the most experienced notaries recommended to you. Then, automate email and text communications to expedite assignment.

Give Clients Early Access to Documents and Other Information

With our client-facing tools you can give your clients access to their documents and information about their notary ahead of time. With early access, you will keep your clients in the loop and earn their loyalty and trust, all while staying compliant with the CFPB three-day rule.

Automate Your Workflow

Save time and money by managing all signings and communications from the Snapdocs dashboard. Here escrow agents, signing services, and notaries can collaborate to smoothly execute signings. They can view and comment on orders, assign notaries, send documents securely, and send invoices.

Accounting Intergration

Integrate Snapdocs with your Quickbooks and reduce manual data input, all with the click of a button.

Not only do we make your workflow more efficient, we worry about security and compliance so you don’t have to. Save hours and reduce costs - spend more time growing revenue and less time on daily business maintenance.

We have a dedicated engineering team based in San Francisco that is constantly improving our product based on your feedback. Developing the best software for the mortgage industry is our mission.

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