Security is critical, how do I know our customer's and notaries' personal information will be safe?

Tristin Himes -

Secure Document Transfer - Snapdocs worries about security so you don’t have to. Especially now with the CFPB’s mortgage rules, SnapDocs sees information security as paramount. Snapdocs uses SSL (secure sockets layer) security technology to send all emails and documents so you never have to worry again about whether your signers’ personal identity and financial information is protected.

What is SSL? It is a security protocol for technology that secures the communication between Internet users and their service providers. SSL is what online banks use to make sure your financial transactions are secure. In short, it's what's happening in the browser whenever you see the little lock icon in your web browser's address bar. It is required that as a company transferring secure data you also have an SSL certificate for your website. If you do not have this yet, we will help guide you through the process so you can make sure you are adhering to all security and compliance requirements.

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