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Once you log into your Snapdocs account, you'll want to set up accounts for your coworkers or employees to use the platform. Adding team members can only be done by someone with Admin permissions. A team member with Scheduler permissions, does not have this level of access.

Admins can add team members by clicking Admin > Company Settings > Team in the left-hand navigation. Then click the "Add Team Member” button in the top right corner.

If the person you are setting up is upper management and will need access to analytics, accounting tools, and the ability to create accounts for other employees of the company, you will want to select the role "Admin." If the person you are setting up is an Order Processor or you do not want the user to have this higher-level access, choose the role "Scheduler”.

Step 1: Go to Admin > Company Settings



Step 2: Select team in the left-hand navigation, then click "add team member."


Step 3: Select a role, fill in the team member's details and then click "Add Team Member." Make sure you leave the box checked to "Email login information to this user" so they know that they have an account!


If you are using the Teams feature, click here to learn more about adding accounts to each team.



Q: What if I accidentally uncheck the box to email the user their login information?

A: Not a problem! They can still set up their account by resetting their password. 


Q: Can I change this information after the team member is created?

A: Yes! Just click on the pencil icon next to the team member's name. There is an option to change the information on the window that opens. 


Q: I have a team member who no longer works for me. Can I remove them? 

A: Yes! Click on the pencil icon next to the team member's name. On the window that opens, click "Deactivate User. " They will no longer have access to your Snapdocs portal.


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