How to Whitelist a domain on Outlook 365

Tristin Himes -

Occasionally emails sent from the SnapDocs system are not received by clients using Outlook (a.k.a. Microsoft Office) 365. This most likely happens because emails are flagged as Bulk Mail and then being sent to a spam folder.


If this happens, we encourage you to whitelist domains.


Here are the simple steps for doing that:


1) Identify the domain that you are sending email from. If your emails come from "" then your domain is "".


2) Log in as an admin to Office 365.


3) Click mail flow -> rules.


4) Click “+” to add a new rule.


5) Click more options in the new window.


6) ”*Apply this rule if…” -> “The sender…” -> “domain is”   and set the domain to the domain you identified above, i.e.


7) ”*Do the following…” -> “Modify the message properties” -> “Set the spam confidence level (SCL) to “Bypass spam filtering”


8) Finally, please repeat steps 4 - 7 to add the "" domain.


Once you do that, emails should start flowing in.


If you would like to retrieve emails that have been previously marked as spam, you can follow these instructions. Make sure to choose the option that says, "Release the message and report it as a false positive"


Feel free to share these instructions with your clients.


If you have any additional problems, please send an email to




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