How to Search for a Notary within the Automator

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You can search for notaries by different criteria and different methods within the Automator.


If you want to make sure you are contacting only notaries that fulfill certain requirements within the list of notaries that the Automator has already generated even before you have started Automating (e.g., the first 30 notaries within a 10 mile radius), you can do so by using the Filter box and following the directions below:

1) Click into your target order.

2) Click Search Agents on the left-hand side of the navigation.

3) You have a few options for filtering at this point. You can:

  • Type in your desired criteria in the search box that says "Filter by language, attorney, etc."
  • Click on the small arrows next to the columns by which you want to sort.  To sort notaries by the number of orders they have done on the platform, for example, click on the down arrow next to the list icon to find notaries by orders they have conducted in ascending order
  • Choose to include or exclude notaries that are Attorneys, have a Background Check and/or an E&O insurance policy up to your specified amount. These settings can be adjusted more permanently in your Order Settings.
  • Expand the radius that the Automator goes out to find notaries to include in this listScreen_Shot_2018-03-20_at_10.06.40_PM.png

4.) Automate your notary search, as usual, based on your specified criteria


If you are looking for a specific notary who might not be included in the original Automator search, you can click on the spy glass all the way to the right on the Automator to search through all notaries on the platform: 


Then, select which specific criterion you are using to search from the drop down menu and type in the notary's identifying information!



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