Who is a participant on an order and what access do they have?

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When you create an order in Snapdocs, you will notice an 'Add Participants' field at the bottom of the page.


To easily keep everyone in the loop, you can add the loan processor, escrow officer, realtor or anyone else as a Participant.

Participants can: 

  1. Receive Email Updates
  2. View Orders
  3. Send Messages
  4. Participants cannot see any fees

Admins/Schedulers and client users can add participants when creating an order. Client users and participants can then add additional participants on their Order page. 

The emails the participants receive depends on the emails the client user receives. You can set your email settings so that participants will receive an email whenever the client user does or just when a notary has been assigned.  (The emails the client users receive depends on your company's preferences and the adjustments that have been made in your email settings as well.) 

In the emails the participants receive, they will have an opportunity to click to view the order:



In order to keep the platform secure, they will first have to set a password before they can access the order:




They will then be taken to the order view page where they can see basic order information, order status, communicate with you and your client and add additional participants:



If the participant has been added to multiple orders on Snapdocs, they can see all of the orders on their dashboard similar to an admin user or client user. Just click on "Dashboard" in the upper right corner. Screen_Shot_2018-03-08_at_1.51.56_PM.png



Important tips:

  • Participants cannot add documents, nor can they see or download documents that have been uploaded. 
  • Once a notary has been assigned the participant can see the notary's name. They cannot, however, see the notary's contact information or communicate with the notary directly via Snapdocs.
  • If a participant is also a client user, there is sometimes confusion between the two roles. If the participant is confused by their dashboard, it could be because they are logged in as a different role. An order that they were added to as a participant will not appear on their client user dashboard and vice versa.
  • The Snapdocs platform does not allow the consumer to be added as both a consumer and a participant on any given order.  When the same contact information is provided for the consumer (signer) and the participant, an error message comes up.  If you adjust contact information for one or the other, the issue should be resolved!


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