What is the client user's experience?

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A client user is an individual at your client's company that can be looped in on the order if you choose. Learn more about adding client users.

When a client user logs in to their Snapdocs account they are taken to a dashboard similar to your own, however their set of permissions are limited. Here is what the client user dashboard looks like with some notes on what they can do:




Client users can add orders that will then appear on your company dashboard. You can also configure your email settings to notify you when an order is created by a client user. Here is what the client user's order create page looks like:





Here is a look at the client user's view of an order. The client is able to see the status of the order and all of the basic order information. They can upload docs and add participants. They can communicate with the admin company, participants and the consumer in the comments section of the order. The client user cannot communicate with the notary via Snapdocs. They can however access notary contact information (phone number, email address etc.) if you choose to share that with them.



Once a notary has been assigned by your company, the client user will see this:



The notary's contact information will only be visible if you have chosen to share it.

When the client user adds documents, you can give them the ability to send the documents directly to the notary in your general company settings. If you choose to enable this setting, the client user will see this when they are uploading docs:



As is the case with admins, client users can add documents via drag and drop or by selecting the files off of their computer. 

*Note* if there is not a notary assigned when the client selects "Finished Adding Docs" they will see the following messages:



The client user will see when a completion status has been added to an order. They will also receive an email about the completion status if you choose this in your email settings. The emails that a client user can receive are as follows:

  • An order is created by an admin at your company
  • An order is created by another client user at the client company
  • Documents added by notary
  • The appointment has been confirmed
  • Notary adds a completion status 




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