What is Snapdocs VendorPay?

Erin Pierce -

Are you looking to simplify notary payments? Let Snapdocs pay notaries for you! Snapdocs VendorPay allows companies to pay notaries through the Snapdocs platform via direct deposit.  VendorPay uses the latest, most secure processing technology to handle your notary payments.  Notaries will be paid by Snapdocs via direct deposit for successfully completed and closed orders.  Payment dates range anywhere from a few days after an order’s closed up to four weeks.  

The invoice covers both the fee for the signing agent and the Snapdocs order fee, saving you time as you focus on filling orders and guaranteeing your notaries timely payment.

VendorPay is transparent, reliable, and easy for all parties involved. If you're on VendorPay or curious about how it works, keep reading or reach out to us at support@snapdocs.com!


Please note:

In order to use VendorPay, you must be willing to pay by ACH. The bill cycle occurs twice in the month and money for both the Snapdocs fee and notary fees are debited in one lump sum. There are no other payment options for VendorPay at the moment. 


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