What emails do participants receive?

Tristin Himes -

In general, any update sent to the client user will also be sent to the participant. However, you can also choose to only have an email go to the participant when the notary is assigned. 
*Please note: We are careful to strip out any payment details on emails that get sent to participants.  Because participants don't see payment details, we actually send them their own email - they aren't copied on the email to the client user. 

There are a number of different emails you can elect to have the client user, and therefore the participant, receive in your email settings. These emails are when:

  • An order is created by someone in your company
  • They create an order
  • Documents are added by the notary
  • A consumer completes an esigning
  • The appointment has been confirmed
  • A notary responds to a rescheduled appointment
  • Notary marks an order complete
  • A notary marks an order as 'did not sign'
  • A scheduler marks an order as 'Canceled' or 'On Hold' 
  • An order is closed without sending an invoice, send completion notification 

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