Automatically Prompt Notaries to Confirm Appointment

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If you want to, you're able to automatically prompt notaries to confirm appointments with signers. This can be adjusted in your Order Settings.

You will see the setting listed as: "Attempt to confirm the appointment with the consumer"


If you decide to turn on this feature, the following will be included in the notary confirmation email:

When the notary clicks "Report their status here" they will be taken into their Snapdocs account and can "Confirm" the appointment.

*Please note: A notary will NOT have the "Confirm" button if the signer's phone number is not included on the order.  (A co-signer's phone number on an order will not suffice. The order must include the signer's phone number.)


Once a notary has confirmed the signing date, time, and location with the signer you will see the order status change from "Unconfirmed" to "Confirmed."

See "Unconfirmed" status below:


Now see updated "Confirmed" status below:


The signer/borrower/consumer has the option to confirm the appointment as well but only if you have chosen to include the consumer. If they are included on the order, they will receive an email asking them to confirm the appointment electronically.

You can see the email that is sent to the consumer when you send the notary confirmation email. There is a separate tab for the consumer.



If they click the "I am available" button shown above, this will lead them to the following page:



The appointment will show as confirmed: 



And lastly, you can confirm the appointment, too.  

If you hover over the "Unconfirmed" button, you'll see this:



If you click the "Unconfirmed" button, this pop up will appear:



If you click the green "Confirm" button, the appointment status will change to "Confirmed":



How will you know who confirms the appointment? Most of the time, it will be the notary who confirms it. However, if it was the signer or a team member does you'll be able to see this, too. This will appear in the comment section:





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