Autoclosing Completed Orders

Evan Arnold -

Most companies differentiate between when a signing is completed (i.e. a signature has been added) and when an order should be closed (i.e. the package has been received and it looks good). Completed orders still appear on your dashboard. Closed orders turn gray and drop to the bottom.

However, some companies find closing orders to be unnecessary. This can lead to a cluttered, confusing dashboard. Therefore, we've added the ability for this to happen automatically. 

Completed orders can be configured to close after 15 minutes, 24 hours, 1 week, or 30 days. 

To update this, navigate to your company settings Top nav -> Admin -> Company Settings. On the left nav, under General, click settings. 

You should see this image: 


The default is 30 days. 

Please note that companies using Vendor Pay will only have the option of choosing 1 week. 

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