Payment methods

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There are two different invoice cycles that depend on whether your company is on VendorPay or not.

If you are on VendorPay, there are two bill cycles throughout the month. Snapdocs will automatically send you an invoice on the 3rd of the month and then charge on the 5th. The second cycle will invoice on the 18th and charge on the 20th. If your payment fails, you should receive an email. Please note: ACH is the only payment method that we accept for VendorPay.

If you are not on VendorPay, Snapdocs automatically sends you an invoice on the 5th of the month. This invoice will consist of all the orders that closed during the previous month. For example, if you closed 100 orders from June 1 - June 30, on July 5th Snapdocs will send you an invoice for those orders. On the 10th of the month we process payment. If your payment fails, you should receive an email. 

Updating your payment information

Updating your company's payment information can be done by any user with Admin status.

There are 3 options for payment: ACH transfer, credit card and check.  Here’s how to setup your payment method:

Pay by ACH:

  1. Click into your payment settings (Admin → Company Settings) and you should see the payment box in the upper right corner.Click_to_add_ACH.png
  2. Click on the blue “Bank Account” button and enter your bank information.
  3. Click “Save bank details” and Snapdocs will send 2 transactions to your bank account to verify that the information entered is correct. This can take a couple days and in the interim you will see this:
  4. When you see the transactions in your bank account, you will need to verify them by entering the amounts in Snapdocs. Click on “I see the 2 deposits…” enter the two amounts and then click “Verify Account." You should now be ready to pay via ACH!
  5. Your payment section should now look something like this:

Pay by Credit Card:

  1. We accept most major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Click into your payment settings (Admin → Company Settings) and you should see the payment box in the upper right corner. Click on the blue link that says “or you can use a credit card.”Credit_card_add.png
  2. On the window that opens, fill in your credit card information then click “save.”
  3. Your credit card has been updated and is ready to be charged! Your screen should look like this:


Pay by check:

If you wish to pay by check you will need to email or the Snapdocs sales account executive you have been working with. We will mark this on our end and follow up with you directly regarding payments. Please make checks out to Snapdocs, Inc. and remit to the following address:


Snapdocs, Inc.

100 Montgomery St. 

Suite 2400

San Francisco, CA



If you have any questions while adding or updating your payment details, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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