Leave your order, the automator will continue to search for notaries

Natalie Wallace -

Do you have multiple orders to get started on, emails to check, other work to do?  Snapdocs makes it easy to start your notary search via the automator and move onto other things while we continue searching.

Let's start by putting in your an order.  On your Dashboard, click "Add New Order."


Next, fill out your order and hit "Create Order."

Click "Search Agents."


A list of notaries will appear.  If you'd like to make adjustments to your notary search filters, do so now.  Click "Automate Search."


A pop up will appear, showing you the email that you're about to send out to notaries.  You have the option to add a custom message, if necessary.  Once ready, hit "Start Automator" to send.



You'll know the automator is running because of a couple things.  One indicator is the "Pause" button and another is, after a few seconds, the column on the far right will start changing  from "Call Only, Email, Text" to "Sent."  Here is the part where adding more orders comes into play, ready?   You won't even have to open a second tab, you can simply click "Dashboard" to start another order.  So now, instead of waiting here for a response, you can get going on the next order up.



On the dashboard, you'll see the status of your recently created order as "Automating."  This assures you the automator is still going!  Now you can click "Add New Order" to start another!



Regardless of if you are starting a second order, checking in on an existing one, or doing work outside of Snapdocs, you'll always be able to click off an order while we continue to reach out to your notaries for you!

When you check back on your order, you'll have an up-to-date list of available notaries!


We recommend assigning a notary within 30 minutes of them replying "Available" - the sooner the better!


Let us know if you have any questions, thanks!



The Snapdocs Support Team

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