When an order is auto-closed, does it also auto-send the client an invoice?

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We will generate an invoice only if a client user is added on the order. If there is a client user on the order, the "Close Order" button will read "Send invoice & close order." (This is pictured below.)  When an order is automatically closed in this situation, the invoice will NOT be automatically sent.



Below is an auto-closed order that now states "Order Closed."  When you click into the little dropdown arrow, you'll see your option to "Send Invoice." 

(Please note, this is an order which has added a client user.  Like mentioned above, if an order does not include a client user there will not be an option to "Send Invoice.") 



*Would it be helpful if we did automatically auto-send invoices on auto-closed orders?  If so, please write to us at support@snapdocs.com and let us know why!  This is still a relatively new feature so any feedback is appreciated!  Thank you.*


After a singing status is added to an order, you have few options for how quickly you'd like it to close out.  This ranges from the shortest amount of time being 15 minutes (giving you a small window of time to make any adjustments, if needed) up to 30 days maximum.

You can make these changes this by going to your "Admin" button --> click "Company Settings" in dropdown menu --> on the lefthand side, click down under General to "Settings" --> click into the dropdown menu underneath "Automatically close completed orders after:" and take your pick.  (Pictured below)


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