Finding Notaries Outside the 50 States

Natalie Wallace -

Snapdocs primarily works with notaries within the 50 US states, but there are a few notaries available outside of this region.

To see if Snapdocs has a notary in your desired area, run a proximity search!


Admin>Proximity Search:


Then, type in the location you are seeking to see if our database has any nearby notaries:


There are 3 additional regions besides the 50 states where you can find notaries on Snapdocs - Guam (GU), U.S. Virgin Islands (VI) and Puerto Rico (PR). To locate and assign a notary in these locations, just create a new order and enter the signing address. For state choose between GU, VI or PR, and save the order. Make sure the zip code is correct! Next click "Search Agents" and start the automator. Screen_Shot_2017-04-20_at_5.21.14_PM.png


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