How to Add a Team Notary

Natalie Wallace -

Adding a notary to the database is easy!  You'll just need the notary's address, phone number, and email.  The steps below should only take a couple of minutes to complete.
1. Click on your "Admin" button.
2. In the dropdown menu, click on "Notaries."
3. Click the blue "Add a Notary" button.
4. Fill out information.  
Make sure you leave the "Email login information to this user" checked!  This sends them an email prompting them to login and set up their account.
5. Where it says "This is my team notary" click "ON."
-This will make it so the notary only receives signing requests from your company.
-The notary will be prompted to "confirm" this when they set up their account.  (Ultimately, it is up to the notary if they want to be your private Team Notary.)
6. Once all the info is filled in, click "Create Notary Profile."
Searching for a team notary:
Team notaries will appear higher in the automated search, however they will always be listed as "call only." This means that they must be called in order to be assigned verses sending out an email or text message. 
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