How to send signing specific notes and documents in Resware

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Now ResWare notes only get posted to the specific Snapdocs signing they are added to, instead of all signings on a ResWare order!

Adding signing specific notes and documents

Once an order has more than one signing, any notes or documents MUST include
a valid signing name in the subject line, or they will NOT successfully post to

For instance, if there is an order with two signings, with the following names:

- Signing 1
- Signing 2

Then, to add a document to Signing 1, the note subject would have to
include "Signing 1". For example:

Subject: "Signing 1: Closing Documents"

The entire signing name must be included.


Choosing signing names:

It is important that the names of the signings are not single word names which
are likely to be included in a subject line. So, words like "Seller" by itself,
would be a bad choice for a signing name.

For example, consider an order with a signing named "Buyer" and a signing named "Seller"

Subject: "Buyer: The seller is on the way to the signing"

This subject is ambiguous, because it contains *both* signing names, Buyer and
Seller. Therefore keep this in mind and use signing names that are more than one
word, as in "Seller - Jones".


*Please note: Even if there is only one signing is Resware, but multiple orders in Snapdocs, you still have to make sure that the subject line when you are sending docs over is exactly the same as the name of the signing in Snapdocs.


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