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You can choose to send a message to all or certain parties on an order or to just leave a comment as an internal note in the Activity Feed section of the order page:



Clients and notaries cannot communicate directly through Snapdocs, however.  When they leave comments on an order, they will only be visible to you and your team. 

Notaries can add comments here:Screen_Shot_2018-03-08_at_12.06.03_PM.png


The comments will show up on your order page, with an option for you to forward the comment along to the client with just one click:Screen_Shot_2018-03-08_at_12.11.42_PM.png

Clients can add comments from their account in a similar manner: comments they add will go straight to your order page and/or to the consumer (if they select that option and if the consumer's email address is included on the order):



On the order, you will be able to see the comment and whether it was sent to the consumer, and to forward it on to the notary in one easy click if need be:



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