Improving Notary Response Rates

Natalie Wallace -

If you're experiencing low or negative response rates, it could be one of the following reasons.

Reasons why notaries hesitate to take signings:

1. Not enough information. To make an educated decision, notaries need complete information. If notaries don't know what they are agreeing to, they are less likely to take a signing. Here's how to make sure you are providing necessary details:

  • Be specific with your signing product type. Is it a refinance? Is it a HELOC? Is it a VA Loan? The more specific you are, the more likely to get a response. 
  • The more details the better. Are there faxbacks? Do you have an approximate page count? A compelling product name would be "Refinance - Fax backs" or "Refinance - No fax backs."
  • If a notary doesn't know the time of a signing, they may be more apprehensive to commit to it. Of course, there will be instances when you don't have this information, and that is fine. Update your order as soon as you are able to.

Including these details can save you a headache of re-negotiating price or having a notary back out later on. Making these expectations clear from the start is a great way to ensure both parties are in accord and generate higher positive response rates.

2. Fee too low. Notaries may leave comments saying the fee is too low and list a price they would do it for. In other cases, notaries may not respond at all. Take notice of these comments and compare your fees to standard industry fees. We’ve found that lower fees tends to correlate with lower quality of work and lower positive response rates.

3. Too last minute. This is another situation that is sometimes inevitable. And again, that's okay! Generally, there are higher response rates the further in advance a singing is. By nature, notaries are more likely to be busy for last minute requests. Although, a higher fee might just change a notary's mind. Start your search as early as you can. 

We hope all of these helps you find the highest quality notaries for your orders. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns by reaching out to us at


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