Notary Status Explained: "Appt conflict," "Unavailable", "Declined," "Skipped," "No commission," and "Unreachable"

Natalie Wallace -

Below are the reasons why notaries are not automated to and appear as "Appt conflicted," "Unavailable," "Declined," or "Skipped."

1. "Appt conflict"


If the status shows as "Appt conflict" this means they have another signing within 60 minutes of this signing.  For example, if a notary is doing a signing at 10am the conflict window is from 9am - 11am.


2. "Unavailable"

A notary would be "Unavailable" if they've turned on Snooze to temporarily opt out of receiving signing requests.  When you hoover over "Unavailable," we will reflect this in pop up message:



The same rule will apply if a notary puts up an Out Of Office responder:


3. "Declined"

A notary will show as "Declined" if they reply saying they will not take the signing.  If they have left a reason, we will reflect this when you hoover over "Declined":

In the example below, the notary said they aren't taking the signing because it is too far away.  If you bumped up the price $20, they would take it.  You can use this to negotiate and find the best available notary for your signing.





4. "Skipped"

A notary being "Skipped" means they already have 6 signings for the day


5. "No commission"

A notary that shows as "No commission" is out of state.

In the example above, the city and zip code were tied to a Washington (WA) address. Yet, the state was input as California (CA). We pulled up a list of Washington (WA) notaries to match the zip code, yet when we went to contact them there was an error because the order has California (CA) listed as the state.


6. "Unreachable"



If a notary shows as Unreachable, it means the notary does not have a valid email address. This can sometimes happen if they send our emails to spam. By law, at a certain point we must remove them from out mailing list. If you see this on a notary profile, feel free to let us know at



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