How can I tell whether a signing is paid through Snapdocs VendorPay or not?

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There are currently a couple of ways to tell whether an order is being paid through Snapdocs VendorPay or not.

If an order is NOT being paid through VendorPay, please refer to our instructions on how to follow up with companies regarding payment here


From the Dashboard

Probably the most accessible place to see whether an order is being paid through VendorPay or not is your dashboard, since your dashboard is what you see immediately when logging into your account.

If an order is being paid through VendorPay, it'll say "VendorPay" underneath the fee.


From the Order Page

You can always see whether an order will be paid via VendorPay or not by clicking into the individual order from your dashboard.

If an order is being paid through VendorPay, you'll see in the "Fees" box on the order page that the order is "using Snapdocs VendorPay" or "powered by Snapdocs VendorPay."


You'll also see a "will charge on" or "will transfer on" date in the Fees box, which is the date we'll initiate your payment transfer. The "estimated availability" date is when payment is expected to show up in your bank account.

If your payment has already been sent, you'll either see the date that the payment transfer was initiated on or the date the payment was deposited into your account. Learn more here.


From the Accounting Page

Login and go to your Accounting page. If an order is being paid through VendorPay, it will say "VendorPay" underneath the fee.

For orders that are being paid through VendorPay, you can see the date when the transfer for the payment will be initiated under the "Sent" column. Under the "Received" column, you can see an estimate for when your payment will be available in your bank account.


From the Signing Notification

You can also tell whether a signing will be paid through VendorPay prior to indicating whether you're available or not, as it'll be pointed out in two places (see where the red arrows are pointing). The easiest way to tell is to see whether it says "via VendorPay" next to the notary fee. 

If you are NOT interested in receiving direct deposit payments, please take a look here on how to proceed

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