New company on VendorPay?

Natalie Wallace -

The moment VendorPay is turned on, Snapdocs takes responsibility for all orders CREATED at this point and moving forward. Any orders created prior to this will still fall into the "Classical Invoicing" category, meaning your company is still responsible for payment.

This can be a little tricky the first month because if an order is created prior to VendorPay but closes after it's been turned on. Not to worry! It's easy to check and see if the order is subject to classical invoicing or VendorPay.

Click into an order and scroll down to the "Notary Fees" section. If it is subject to classical invoicing, it'll look like this:


If it's subject to VendorPay, it'll include "If this order closes by (date), the est. payout date will be 8-10 business days after":

And once the order is closed, it'll look like this:


For the first few weeks you're up and running with VendorPay, please keep an eye on this! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at!

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