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A notary has a question about their payment - what do I do? 

Redirect the notary to the Snapdocs Support team at We're happy to field all questions and concerns!


When do I mark an order as Canceled vs. Did Not Sign?

If a signing is not successful you will either need to mark the order as “Canceled” or “Did Not Sign”. Which action you take is dependant on whether or not the notary is owed a fee.  

        Mark an order Canceled when: the signing is not successful and no fee is owed to the notary. If an order is canceled you will not be charged a Snapdocs fee and the notary will not be paid through VendorPay. 

        Mark an order as Did Not Sign when the signing is not successful but a fee is owed to the  notary. For example, an order for which you still need to pay the notary a print or trip fee. If the notary fee needs to be reduced, please make sure to reduce it on the order before marking it as ‘Did Not Sign’ to ensure the notary is paid the correct fee. You will not be charged the Snapdocs fee for orders marked as “Did Not Sign”. 


What if an order is not ready to be processed in the bill cycle?

If an order is up in the air and is not ready to be billed, you can put the order on hold. The order will stay out of the bill cycle until you remove the hold, add a signing status and close the order. 


When will a notary be paid for an order?

Once an order is completed and closed, Snapdocs will include the order in the next billing cycle. An order is complete if it has a signing status of "Completed" or "Did not sign." The bi-monthly billing cycles work like this:

Billing cycle 1

3rd: Snapdocs sends an invoice to companies for all orders closed before the first of the month

Two business days after the 3rd: Snapdocs charges for these orders

Billing cycle 2

18th: Snapdocs sends an invoice to companies for all orders closed before the 16th of the month

Two business days after the 18th: Snapdocs charges for these orders

A notary will be paid approximately 8-10 business days after you are charged for an order. You'll be able to see the estimated charge date on any given order in the Notary Fee box:



Notaries can also reference their Fees section for the same information:


Why can't I reopen an order once it has been closed?

VendorPay orders automatically close after 1 week. This is to ensure that payments for orders are processed in a timely fashion. We understand that sometimes there are situations where a fee needs to be changed so if you need an order reopened, we can do this on our end. Simply reach out to with a quick explanation as to why the order needs to be reopened and we will take care of it. 


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